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  • Seriously Charmed Welcomes You!

    Hello! Yes you ..over there! Look here, yep here. I see you, looking at me, looking at you. Don't be shy, come a little closer. Thanks to the wonderful magic of the internet, you found me. Whether you believe the internet is magical or not, you're here. You've most likely stumbled across my page via google, or my facebook page, or better yet still, fate brought you here (insert twilight zone music here)...whatever the reason welcome to the blogsite of all things 'Seriously Charmed'.

    Hi, I'm Tina. A Professional Photographer based in Darwin.

    What you may have gathered in our short time together, is that I like taking photos, in fact, love taking photos would still be a massive understatement. This photo taking gig started small, pretty small, you know, 'the baby steps kind of small', and somewhere in between my little business became a big business and now here we are together.

    Seriously Charmed is so much more to me than just a photography business. It's more than just meeting new people, more than just taking a pretty picture or two, it's more than me, and more than you, it's a combination of us (our time together). It's you and me and yours for real, real laughs, real emotion, real connections. It's so much more than poses, it's genuine. Nothing more, nothing less. It's candid moments captured in still pictures. It's telling your story through my lens. Simple.

    So we should meet and totally work together. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Those right there are great odds my new friend. I genuinely know this.

    Warmest Wishes


When I think about my childhood, I think about sharing icy-poles on the front step of my Nana and Granda’s home, jumping over rose bushes and getting scratched anyway, playing tip chasey, reading books with my cousin under an umbrella in the garden. I think about all the friends we had over at our place, cause our place was the ‘cool’ place to hang out, and evidentially get your head shaved, because back then…that was cool, yeah? I think about playing elastics with the neighbourhood kids, dancing all the time, mum playing yahtzee with the neighbours, and coming home when the street lights came on, yep, I grew up in the 80′s. Today, growing up is a little different, and I wonder what my kids will remember about their childhood. I hope they remember their Dad always having time to jump on the trampoline with them, me reading story books with them, even when they can read all the words anyway, I hope they remember all the morning snuggles, the craft, the wave pool, and everything in between. I hope they remember how much we love watching them grow up. Every now and again I want to hit the ‘pause’ button, to slow time just a little bit, but life is not like that, so you have to cherish all the moments, the big, and the little…and everything else in between.


Furber Wedding

Lindy and Richie were my first bride and groom for the year, marrying on the 4 Jan 2014. It was a very small intimate wedding, but the love was big. The smiles were big, the laughs were big, and the tears of joy were big too (even from me). They braved the humidity of January, and Richie went all out wearing traditional Scottish kilt and jacket. Hands down Lindy looked stunning, wearing a beautiful knee length dress, the pattern was so elegant, but it was her smile that blew everyone away. Then there was Angus, super gorgeous boy with stunning eyes and just so happy to see his parents marry. It was an afternoon filled with love and light, and it was my pleasure being part of it.
Many blessings!

Tutu Gorgeous!

It’s all happening here at the Seriously Charmed headquarters – the creative juices are flowing and I am ready to jump right in with some seriously gorgeous styled sessions to rock your socks off. This week end only Sat 22 and Sun 23 March I am offering my first round of Tutu Gorgeous sessions at a very low introductory price of $170. Only 5 spots are available, so if you have a little Princess that would love one of these sessions then please bounce me a message asap to secure your spot.

Middlebrook Family

I love clients that love life. This gorgeous little family contacted me to have a Little Kicks 2 Little Kisses session, and after I photographed them at their first maternity session I just knew that I had met some pretty special people, and I was excited to be photographed them a short time later to welcome their second little girl.

During the first session I told the little girl my name was Tina and I was there to have fun and maybe take a few photos. She just beamed back that I didn’t look like a Tina, I was a little surprised but amused at what name she thought I looked like, to which she said ‘Claire’, so during the whole shoot she called me Claire, and I happily went along with it. She kind of had us all giggling at this, and the afternoon seemed like it just breezed by.

I will blog their newborn session over the next few days.



The Beautiful Sea Nymph

This February marks my third year of discovering, learning, and falling head over heels in love with Photography. To be honest, it doesn’t feel like 3 years ago I did a 4 week online course learning to use my camera in ‘manual mode’, it doesn’t seem like I spent 4 years living in Alice Springs, with my last year there offering my ‘beginner photography’ services for $120 which included the session and 20 digital images. I have been back in Darwin as a Photographer for 2 years now, the first year was all about marketing and getting my name out there, and somewhere in between that time and now, my little business took off, it appeared to have grown it’s own wings and just flew. I had to play ‘catch up’ in a big way, and to some degree I still am. But it doesn’t change anything about how Photography makes me feel. I still get excited with every shoot that I have, and I especially look forward to meeting new people. Photography to me, is still new and exciting, and I have so much more learning to do, till I reach where I want to be.

This year I will be focusing on ‘Heart Postcards’ small projects that really get my heart racing, the creative juices flowing, and my family running like crazy;)

More Swinging on a Star Sessions, and I will be offering Beautiful Sea Nymph sessions like the photos below. I have many more projects to release but will keep these close to my heart until I finalise all the details.

In the meantime, check out my beautiful friends daughter. She flew to Darwin all by herself to spend some time with us during the holidays. It was only natural she participate in some shoots – well, she practically begged me…ha ha, not sure if you believe that, but, you can’t honestly look like this and not expect me to take your photo. Loved having her here, and not just because she photographs so beautifully, but because I am a little addicted to the sweet sound of her giggle.

Wishing you all the best for 2014.