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Jumping on the bed – so good for the soul.

In December 2016 our family went on a road trip to Queensland for a well overdue holiday. The last time our family went on a holiday was four years ago! Life is busy, having kids can be expensive, think tennis lessons, tutoring, horse riding lessons, new shoes every term (thanks Leo) it all adds up. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and giving our children the opportunity to learn, enhance skills, develop new friendships and grow into beautiful little human beings is priceless.

Providing all of this does however come with sacrifice and this has usually meant that our family would stay in the NT and enjoy our backyard rather than venturing out of the Territory for some time out. My husband was the one that really made the push for us to get out and enjoy some time just for our family, to unplug and escape the mundane daily activities of washing, and dishes and endless kid sleep overs during the holidays. We took time out of school and hit the road. I didn’t realise how much I needed this until I was sitting in the car and there was nothing for me to do, just sitting there, watching the road pass by. My bliss.

We drove to Townsville and stayed with one of my sisters for a night before catching the ferry across to Magnetic Island. A place which we love. Nothing too fancy, but oh so relaxing. Beaches to swim in, pancakes for breakfast, the sound of waves to fall asleep to, horse rides, jet ski’s and beds to bounce on. Lets not forget a tv in the bedroom. We don’t have tv’s in the bedrooms, bad feng shui and all that, but I am seriously reconsidering this after watching movies while drifting off to sleep.

We stayed on the Island for four nights and fives days and it was bliss. The accommodation was five stars and I could have easily have left all my stuff behind and traded it for this gorgeous piece of paradise. I think everything feels better when there is less stuff around you. I’m currently on the biggest decluttering mission thanks to the Island.

I let our kids bounce on the bed, the light was divine, the white sheets, the colours of their bathers, the crazy unbrushed hair, everything was perfect, heck I even had a go.

So here is a little peek at what our holidays looked like. Fresh, fun and carefree. I will definitely be making holidays a priority. So incredibly good for the soul on every level. While disconnected to the outside world and social media it gave us all a chance to reconnect on a much deeper level, free from distractions.

So very grateful for our road trip and my beautiful family.

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