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She Shines

What can I say about this styled session? I’m not going to lie, I honestly find beauty in everything, and photographing her was no exception. She radiates light, and despite feeling a little under the weather she gave it her everything. I wanted her hair, and her eyes, and her porcelain skin, you know the old saying ‘we always want what we can’t have’ well that was me, I wouldn’t mind being 17 again too. There is a beauty in youth and it needs no airbrushing, its not something you can see, but rather something you feel. I see a butterfly that is strong enough to fly on her own, but still needs protecting. I see her mother, a friend of mine,  I see so much light, she could be glitter! Most of all I see endless possibilities for a beautiful life.

This is the first time this beautiful girl has been in my Studio but it definitely won’t be the last.

Biggest Love

* Brown tulle dress supplied by WEIR CORTURE –


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